Debt Advisory

Providing independent objective advice on the optimum funding solution for your business.

Debt Advisory

Our Debt Advisory team provides advice to borrowers throughout all stages of their fund-raising journey.

We are independent of lenders, products and markets, meaning we provide objective advice on the optimum funding solutions for our clients.

What we do

Our typical processes start with an appraisal of available financing options before progressing through initial engagement with the debt markets. We will then support commercial negotiations and documentation of new facilities.

Our experience spans:

  • Cashflow and asset-based bank lending
  • Debt capital markets and credit ratings
  • Leverage finance and credit funds
  • Property backed and SPV finance
  • Private placements and direct lending
  • Structured finance and securitisation

Why Interpath?

Our advice is independent of products and markets, with the sole focus on the finding the best debt package for your business. Our objectivity ensures we can help you find the right blend of quantum, cost and flexibility to deliver your corporate objectives.

  • We offer a hands-on approach that reduces the process burden on executive management
  • We help our clients navigate complex decisions with pragmatic advice
  • We open doors to the right individuals within the most appropriate institutions.

We help our clients align their financing to their strategy, moving debt from dictating strategy to facilitating it. This could come from the need to refinance existing facilities at maturity, funding initiatives that fuel organic growth or raising capital to support acquisitions. Our advice also helps businesses that may need to navigate liquidity issues or challenging conversations with their lenders.

Our team has experience across the full range of debt products and markets giving us relevant, up-to-date knowledge of all financing options.