Financial Services Advisory

We help Financial Institutions successfully navigate periods of stress and distress by working with them to scale the challenge, explore their options and then design, communicate and execute optimum solutions which are focused on rebuilding capital, performance and shareholder returns.

Financial Services

Our Financial Services team comprises over 20 professionals with in-depth Financial Services experience focused on UK and international stressed and distressed Financial Services situations. Our market leading team provides hands-on practical support, in both an executive or advisory capacity, to institutions, regulators, lenders and funds. We have an outstanding track record of delivering results for clients through tried and tested solutions capable of fast execution.

Address asset quality issues

We help with:

  • Optimising the effectiveness of your watch and workout capability
  • Rapidly increasing NPL workout capacity and pace
  • On-boarding, managing and selling REO’s
  • Contentious asset recovery
  • Sale and securitisation of NPL and REO portfolios
  • Managing insourcing and outsourcing solutions

Protect and rebuild capital and liquidity

We help with:

  • Redressing claims management
  • Loan portfolio RWA optimisation
  • Short-term cashflow forecasting
  • Restructuring of funding facilities
  • Stressed capital raising
  • Tactical use of insolvency to maintain / preserve value
  • Sale/exit from non core assets

Improve efficiency and reduce costs

We help with: 

  • Integration of external servicing capability ‘Champion vs. Challenger’
  • NPL & REO Platform carve-outs
  • Branch rationalisation planning and execution
  • Rapid cost reduction & headcount optimisation

Help manage stakeholders through challenging times

We help with:

  • Responding to asset quality driven regulatory requests and/or intervention
  • Responding to fraud
  • Effectively communicating complex asset quality issues to investors
  • Dealing with lowered credit ratings
  • Improving Board governance in respect to asset quality

Wind-down and resolution (solvent & insolvent)

We help with: 

  • Recovery & resolution planning
  • Solvent wind-down
  • Special Administration, Administration, Receivership & Liquidation
  • Systemic resolution: Bridge Bank planning & execution, Bad-bank / AMC planning & execution

Brexit-driven restructuring

Supporting insurance groups with the restructuring needed so that they can continue to service their pan-European clients now that the UK has left the EU.

Supporting the run-off market

Buy and sell side advice and support on a number of run-off deals; design and implementation of strategies to aid growth and underpin improvement in core processes.