Monitoring Reviews

Understanding and navigating the risks associated with complex cross-border supply chains is increasingly important.

Monitoring Reviews

Customers, regulators, employees and investors are taking an increasingly active interest in how businesses maintain operational resilience and ensure ethical and environmental standards are upheld.

The COVID-19 outbreak and Brexit have served to make visible some high-risk components of the global supply chain. It has also demonstrated the potential impact of financial failure in other parts of the value chain.

Supply chain risk is an area that has risen up the corporate agenda in recent times. Some recent issues our clients have experienced include:

  • Data breaches at external suppliers
  • Supply disruption leading to consumer product shortages and assembly line shutdowns
  • Ethical or environmental failures at suppliers resulting in lasting reputational damage


Effective supplier risk management is more important than ever.

Our approach

At Interpath, we undertake a wide-ranging assessment of potential supply chain risks. These can span from supplier strategy and controls to regulation, financial crime and contractual issues.

These risks are often interrelated. For example, risks associated with sourcing goods via a complex cross-border supply chain can both increase the risk of transport disruption as well as reduce visibility over production processes. We assess situations in totality rather than isolating specific issues.

Our focus is to:

  • Identify the level of information required
  • Prioritise critical risk areas
  • Strike the balance between proactive and reactive solutions to mitigate risks in a measured and proportionate way


Our expertise

Our team is drawn from a broad range of capabilities to provide the most comprehensive assessment of supplier risk.

We’re aware that different sectors have different challenges to navigate. At Interpath, we have over thirty sector champions who understand the specific challenges our clients are facing. Whatever sector you operate in, we have experts on-hand who are familiar with managing risk in your industry.

We have proven experience advising major corporates on proactive management of supplier risk. Our approach is commercial, pragmatic, insightful and innovative.

We have experience of designing, implementing and running SRM processes as well as dealing with issues as they arise. Our range of digital solutions includes cognitive computing research, dynamic workflow management systems and detailed financial analytic tools.

Why Interpath?

  • We are experts with deep technical and sector experience 
  • We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and lead the way 
  • We work with businesses and stakeholders of all shapes and sizes 
  • We are empathetic and principled in our approach 

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