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Project navigation for operational change and transformation projects. When the value stakes are too high to risk a shortfall.

PMO Services

PMO Leadership

Any operational transformation programmes worth doing are nearly always challenging to deliver. Other high value non-core business projects can be equally challenging. Given the size of the tasks involved it’s surprisingly common to see good management teams and their executives adopt a ‘side-of-desk’ strategy. 

Unfortunately, it’s also extremely common to see good teams fail to deliver an optimal outcome. Value is lost. Operational gains are missed. Benefits are left on the table. Questions are asked. 

We understand good teams can just be short of the bandwidth to properly oversee and implement otherwise robust plans. Sometimes the size of the challenge is also underestimated. What once seemed achievable becomes daunting and out of reach as ‘business gets in the way’. 

In most situations of this type we find maximum value is delivered when we assume the role of Project Management Officer working alongside you and your project team.  

We qualify the objectives of your change project, the measures of success, and wrap a structured governance and delivery model around it. We identify the existing inhibitors, potential risk factors and mitigation options.

Our expert eyes can devise a robust change programme from scratch or refine your starting point if more appropriate. 

Once underway we take control. Managing roles, responsibilities and timetable, we deliver the value outcome you originally envisaged, sometimes more.

PMO Support

We also work with our clients to evaluate their existing PMO and consider where enhancements could be made to the structure and/or governance of a project to optimise performance.

We help address common PMO training/coaching gaps and transfer our experience and expertise to those being held accountable for developing and effecting significant changes. We invest in their success and help them to guide your organisation, delivering value outcomes with confidence.

We help them consider the objectives being achieved, evaluate what already exists, make recommendations (if applicable) on improvements and assist with the implementation of those changes.

Where necessary we can provide support to the PMO on an ongoing basis. This can include setting up and staffing the entire PMO through to temporarily augmenting existing teams with additional expertise and resources.

Why Interpath

Our approach to each situation is always tailored to our client’s bespoke requirements, but the key steps are tried and tested.

High stakes, high value, time pressured. Our comfort zone is different to other advisors.

We offer a flexible approach, focused on delivery and achieving results in the most cost-effective way.

Navigate your next challenge.

Our people are a cut above the rest. We are a large, experienced team with deep technical insight and a passion for doing what’s right. For a full list of our senior people who can support you with this service solution, use the button below.

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