Unleash Cash Potential

Unleash potential with working capital & cash flow forecasting solutions.

Unleash Cash Potential

Working Capital


Cash is King. Everyone is aware of this, yet working capital is almost always a relatively untapped value lever for organisations across the majority of sectors and geographies.

Releasing cash tied up from the balance sheet remains the cheapest form of finance. This was the case in the era of low interest rates and is even more applicable now. This additional cash can be used to increase valuation, fund growth, develop new products and increase returns to investors.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with management teams to rapidly unlock value here in a sustainable manner. Our focus is on getting stuff done, not issuing glossy reports.

What we do

Over the last twenty years we have developed a market leading approach to optimising working capital for clients of all sizes, sectors and geographies.

We leverage our purpose-built analytical toolkits, detailed benchmarking databases and hand-on practical experience to drive sustainable change through the business. Aligning internal policies and processes to best practice, enhancing cash and working capital reporting and driving a cultural change to instil a cash mindset. This goes across all functions, not simply within Finance.

We support the end-to-end program, with our fees often aligned to success-based outcomes. Our preference is to work on a true partner basis, with interests fully aligned.

Cash Flow Forecasting


Ensuring an accurate view of expected cash performance should be a critical discipline for all businesses. However, we often find that the level of maturity within organisations across the full-size spectrum can be limited.

We work with our clients to develop and embed best-practice cash flow forecasting processes. This includes developing robust models, adopting technology, establishing the right governance, and generating effective reporting.

What we do

Our work is focused on the rapid introduction of a best practice process - either through enhancing the existing process or implementing a new one.

Key elements will include the development of a robust short term cash flow forecast (e.g., 13 or 17 weeks) on a receipts and payments (direct method) basis. This will be anchored to the balance sheet, with ledgers being unwound and detailed variance analysis conducted as standard.

We work directly alongside management teams, helping upskill the team through the transfer of knowledge and implementation of a robust governance structure to ensure this is embedded as BAU. This is a "need to have" not a "nice to have".