Transaction Tax Services

Identifying and managing transaction tax costs, optimising transaction value and supporting due diligence.

Transaction Tax Services

Our tax team is experienced in advising on all types of UK domestic and cross-border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint venture structuring, reorganisations, rationalisations, demergers, inbound and outbound investment and tax-efficient financing.

We will work closely with you to identify and optimise critical tax considerations in an efficient and pragmatic manner at all stages in the transaction lifecycle.

We can support you with:

Tax due diligence

  • Buy-side and sell-side tax due diligence to identify material tax risks in the target business
  • Vendor assist work to identify and manage tax due diligence risks and to articulate appropriately to purchasers
  • Understanding and driving transaction value from the tax profile and tax attributes of the business

Tax structuring - sales and acquisitions

  • Sell-side pre-sale restructuring and separation planning to preserve value through a tax-efficient exit
  • Tax-efficient deal structuring, buy-side and sell-side, including funds flow
  • Tax forecast modelling
  • Working with your lawyers on legal implementation support to manage identified tax risks
  • Developing a tax-efficient ongoing structure (e.g. enabling deductibility of financing costs and efficient cash repatriation)

Tax structuring - reorganisations

  • Advising on the tax implications of legal structure changes
  • Tax-efficient structuring of legal entity reductions and group rationalisations
  • Tax-efficient structuring of group mergers, de-mergers, hive down and hive across of trade and assets and joint venture investments
  • Advising on repatriations of value to shareholders and managing shareholder succession planning and reorganisations of shareholdings

Tax on financing transactions

  • Cash tax modelling support, including tax P&L modelling
  • Advising on the structuring of new financing including on the tax impact of bespoke terms and the structural and geographical location of borrowings
  • Assessing the key tax impact of new borrowings, including the tax deductibility of finance costs, the tax impact of hedging arrangement and any withholding tax costs
  • Post-transaction compliance