Vendor Assistance

Gain focus and control with clear, comprehensive data. We can help you navigate what lies ahead.

Vendor Assistance

VA, as part of a sales process, has many benefits, including:

  • Exit readiness ahead of any potential disposal is critical to a successful deals process – VA is a key part of this
  • Early engagement on VA will ensure control of the process is established at an early stage
  • Focuses the sales process around one set of comprehensive data and financial information
  • Allows management to focus, at an early stage, on the equity story and any broader exit plans
  • Provides clear financial analysis meaning any trends in this data set can be fully understood and explained early on, avoiding any ‘last minute’ surprises to preserve credibility and value throughout the sales process
  • Ensures for a more efficient due diligence process, frees up management time and preserves/adds value

Our dedicated, highly experienced, Transaction Services team will work closely with you:

  • Performing initial analysis of the financial information, identifying key value drivers and any information gaps
  • Preparing a financial VA pack which will comprise a robust set of consistent and reliable numbers which will stand up to third party scrutiny avoiding loss of confidence and /or credibility with potential purchasers
  • This can then be used as a reference which will form the basis of all the financial information throughout the transaction (e.g. Data Room, Information Memorandum, Vendor Due Diligence)
  • As part of the VA exercise we will ensure management are prepared for the due diligence process – whether this is buy-side or sell-side due diligence
  • We can also work together with, or alongside, management to support them through an intensive due diligence process

There are several differences between VA and Vendor Due Diligence, namely:

  • The VA pack remains a company document – not necessarily for wider distribution to other parties on the transaction
  • As such, whether distributed to other parties or not (including potential purchasers) no reliance is given to bidders/ultimate purchaser

Our Transaction Services team advises a wide variety of clients including; private equity, debt funders, SME’s, large and multi-national companies across a range of sectors.