Independent Turnaround & Restructuring Professionals

Find out how Executive Solutions works for Independent Turnaround & Restructuring Professionals below. 

Interpath Executive Solutions

Independent Turnaround & Restructuring Professionals

At Interpath, we work closely with a carefully selected network of independent executives so that we can provide the right solution for clients in every scenario. 

In some circumstances we may put you in touch with a client or third party direct, allowing you to offer them support independently. In other situations, we may offer you the opportunity to work alongside us on an engagement. 

When you join the Executive Solutions programme, you will be paired with a member of the team who will become an informal point of contact for consultation, for market intelligence or just to stay in touch.

We also offer our members networking opportunities throughout the year alongside access to our thought leadership seminars, discussing the key emerging issues for the restructuring professional in today’s market.

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Our Executive Solutions programme is sponsored by Will Wright, and overseen by Scott Farquhar and Tim Bateson. To get in touch with the team, simply email