Cost Reduction & Efficiency

As many businesses seek to find a new path in the ‘new normal’, reviewing and resetting the cost base is a clear priority.

Cost reduction and efficiency

Whether driven by trading decline, cash preservation or performance improvement motivations, organisations of all sizes are now reviewing and resetting their cost base.

Our approach seeks to help businesses deliver sustainable savings whilst retaining core operational resilience. We look beyond discretionary spend controls and explore all forms of direct and indirect costs.

Tackling costs from all angles

To generate a step change in cost reduction, businesses need to go beyond a simple review of line items and undertaking a ‘salami-slicing’ approach. This approach can often serve to demotivate employees as well as create a visible decline in customer satisfaction. Perhaps most importantly, this incremental method doesn’t tend to generate very much in the way of meaningful or lasting savings.

Management instead need to assess how all costs can be controlled or minimised through taking a more holistic approach. This can include making rapid changes in working procedures, finding and applying best practice techniques and by embedding a positive shift in corporate culture that maximises efficiency whilst preserving value.

What we do

At Interpath, we support businesses:

  • Understand where money is spent, and what value is derived from it.
  • Push beyond incremental ‘salami-slicing’ to achieve a step change.
  • Identify the fastest and/or most practical approach to implement improvements whilst achieving anticipated benefits.
  • Create/sustain behaviour change to prevent costs creeping back in.

Why Interpath?

Our work is supported by new data analytics tools with a proven track record of uncovering new insights and delivering sustainable cost reduction. Our recommendations are robust, supported by your own data and our cross-sector insight and experience.

We’re also aware that cost reduction programmes are often challenging to design and deploy, with impacts across multiple stakeholder groups. That’s why our experienced team work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to help manage the activity sensitively and professionally.

Navigate your next challenge.

Our people are a cut above the rest. We are a large, experienced team with deep technical insight and a passion for doing what’s right. For a full list of our senior people who can support you with this service solution, use the button below.

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