Digital Forensics

Supporting clients to establish the facts without compromising the evidence.

Digital Forensics

Allegations of employee misconduct, IP theft, fraud, financial crime and other wrongdoing require clients and their advisors to interrogate digital evidence to piece together information to establish the facts without compromising the evidence.

What we do

Interpath’s digital forensics experts help ensure no electronic evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of a digital forensics investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources. We regularly advise clients on:

  • What artefacts exist on computers, servers (physical and cloud) or mobile devices to help forensic examiners in their investigations.
  • How to scrutinise the authenticity of electronic documents.
  • How to extract data and identify the interesting material quickly and efficiently
  • Recovery of passwords and deleted data.
  • The latest methods for capturing and verifying data remotely.
  • In-depth insight into some of the key challenges of cross-border discovery and provide practical solutions for dealing with such issues.
  • How to identify and use internet history and social media information.
  • How to control costs without increasing the risks.
  • How to adapt the methodology to account for different data privacy and security demands in different jurisdictions.

Our team is well versed in managing and executing large and small data collection exercises, covert or otherwise and our work will typically involve:

  • Data Preservation: Interpath offers cost-effective and defensible methodologies and solutions to identify and preserve electronic data.
  • Data Collection: Interpath’s team deploys forensically sound, best-practice methodologies to gather your data for electronic investigation and forensic analysis.
  • Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis: Interpath’s digital forensics experts analyse the digital artefacts left behind to quickly and defensibly uncover critical information.
  • Expert Testimony and Reporting: Interpath’s experts have the necessary experience and credentials to creditably serve as an expert witness or provide reports for use as evidence.