Supporting clients to identify, collect, preserve and review data.


We support clients, their lawyers, investigators and insolvency and restructuring professionals who need to gather, host and review large sets of data. Clients may need our capabilities to help identify, collect and preserve data safely, or to support their review of those records using specialist software. We will arm our clients with cutting-edge technology (including machine learning capabilities) and provide support to help them work through their data. Complex and unusual data types and databases may need to be reformatted so that certain rules can be run across those to gain insight.

Our eDiscovery capability is characterised by:

  • Highly experienced professionals who provide a consultative approach, tailoring the workflow and support to the specific needs of the case.
  • A team with experience managing multi-jurisdictional matters and navigating the complexities of different data privacy regimes.
  • Access to a range of technology enabling us to adapt to the specifics of each individual case.
  • The skills and technology to deal with complex and unusual data types.

What we do

Managed Data Collection and Digital Forensics: proper identification of the data landscape can be critical to the success of many eDiscovery engagements. This can avoid the risk of missing key material and unnecessary spending on inefficient data collection. We can support the collection of structured and unstructured data types across a breadth of digital devices and social media whilst maintaining the integrity and provenance of the data.

Data Processing and Review support: the driver of all our eDiscovery work is to enable the client and their advisors to find the interesting material quickly through the proper use of technology. This can range from supporting quick early case assessment capabilities to search and filter data to highly advanced technology assisted review (machine learning) support.

E-discovery managed services: our senior practitioners can manage your whole e-discovery process with a tailored monthly pricing model, supporting software hosting to workflow design, project management and disclosure.

Investigations support: clients involved in an investigation must quickly collect, manage, and assess their data to gain insight. With decades of industry, legal and technical experience, our multidisciplinary teams know where to look for data, how to expertly analyse it, and how to produce facts and evidence that support a case.

This might include:

  • E-mails
  • Chat data
  • Loose files
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Audio data
  • Complex trading platforms
  • General ledger and other financial data
  • Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies
  • Applications and systems logs
  • Server logs
  • SWIFT messages