Working Capital Optimisation

Combining the latest data analytics technology with 20 years of hands-on professional experience to deliver sustainable cash and liquidity value.

Working Capital Optimisation

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many organisations were required through necessity to enhance their approach to working capital. Unsurprisingly it became, and continues to be, a key priority for most businesses.

Despite the great efforts by many organisations we still find large opportunities to improve the approach to working capital further and thereby generate real cash savings for our clients. By taking such steps our clients maximise their internal resources and ensure they can minimise borrowings, fund growth programmes or just build the liquidity buffer required to navigate the next challenge.

What we do

We have developed a market leading approach to enhancing working capital in clients of all sizes across all sectors and across the globe.

We match our approach to the size and nature of the organisation, recognising the differences between large corporates and SME’s. In all instances our approach starts with a rapid assessment of the potential size of the opportunity and from there we craft the most appropriate approach comprising implementation planning and/or execution so that costs and benefits are aligned.

At all times we work shoulder to shoulder with our client’s management teams to ensure the buy-in and ownership of the opportunities remain with our clients.

This unique facet of our approach typically ensures the efforts made to realise working capital benefits remain in place long after our direct involvement draws to an end.

Why Interpath?

We use the latest data analytics visualisation tools and our comprehensive catalogues of working capital optimisation hypotheses and best practice benchmarks to rapidly identify, validate and deliver sustainable results.

Our passion drives our success and yours. We are also unwavering in our ability to deliver real value to our clients and will be happy to align our fee structure to the cash benefits we realise for you.


Navigate your next challenge.

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