Operations Due Diligence

Delivering robust, comprehensive operational business reviews.

Operations Due Diligence

Operations due diligence has many benefits:

  • Ensures that operational data provided is relevant and can be further leveraged in-depth to understand the operational dynamics of the business and inform the investment thesis
  • Provides the right inputs towards creating a forward-thinking operations value creation plan
  • Provides buy side or sell side an understanding of operational risks within the business and articulates relevant mitigation actions
  • Shares a qualified outlook on how key opportunities to grow the business can be effectively executed post-transaction
  • Supports in ensuring that top management from the target organisation has bought into a future robust execution plan; including prioritising of elements to be included in the integration plan

Our dedicated, highly experienced, Transaction Services team will work closely with you to:

  • Define the operational scope for review within the business 
  • Identify operations execution & improvement scenarios that you should consider
  • Model scenarios to share with you regarding upside potentials and trade-offs
  • Qualify post-merger synergies and mechanisms to achieve them
  • Leverage existing external benchmarks available to assess areas of improvement in performance compared to peer groups within your industry
  • Bring together functional experts from your business to co-create the value creation plan
  • Deliver a robust, comprehensive, operational review of the business

Our Transaction Services team advises a wide variety of clients, including; private equity, debt funders, SME’s, large and multi-national companies across a range of sectors.