Cash Forecasting & Management

Providing visibility of liquidity through the design, development and implementation of robust short-term cash forecast tools and governance models.

Cash Forecasting & Management

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic we came across many organisations that did not see the full benefit of cash forecasting and cash management. Attitudes have changed however, and many organisations have rapidly looked to enhance their forecasting and management of cash.

The rationale was clear – organisations needed to maximise their cash reserves and in doing so minimise the cash burn, particularly during lockdown.

We believe that this discipline is critical in any organisation, in good times and bad, and should be maintained as ‘BAU’, even once the pandemic is under control. Robust, accurate cash flow information underpins operational, tactical and strategic decision making.

The way we do this is different in every client scenario. Sometimes a lighter touch with just a few refining tweaks is appropriate. In other cases, a more transformational approach is required. In all cases our clients find value in gaining new confidence in their management of information and processes. Increasingly our clients also ask us to help them demonstrate these improvements to key financial stakeholders, aiding their credibility and enhancing trust in the process.

Our expertise is also used in situations where real financial distress is emerging. We are adept at stepping in, shoulder to shoulder, to work with management teams on cash stabilisation. This can be critical to maximising the runway for available future options. It also ensures financial stakeholders have a clearer view of the road ahead, ensuring the preferred path forward is not closed off prematurely.

What we do

We improve visibility of liquidity through the design, development and implementation of robust short-term cash flow forecast tools.

We help our clients identify and deliver short-term cash flow opportunities, boosting cash funding and redirecting it to where it is needed most.

Our approach to cash management and governance helps our clients introduce tighter controls over cash related procedures and provides cash related KPIs to help with performance monitoring.

We also plan and execute options to help our clients avoid liquidity related covenant breaches.

In situations where a cash crisis arises, our status as experts in our field allows us to support our clients in managing communication and interaction with relevant stakeholders, adding credibility and reassurance where necessary.

Why Interpath?

Our Cash and Working Capital teams have been at the forefront of innovation in the market and we are proud of our reputation.

Our people have been entrusted by some of the world’s largest corporations to make them best-in-class at cash management and forecasting.

Our flexible tailored approach is equally suited to supporting small and medium sized enterprises in gaining a new level of grip and control over their liquidity.

We illuminate where you’re heading and give you the confidence to navigate what’s next by bringing best practice approaches for cash forecasting and cash management to your organisation.

Navigate your next challenge.

Our people are a cut above the rest. We are a large, experienced team with deep technical insight and a passion for doing what’s right. For a full list of our senior people who can support you with this service solution, use the button below.

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