Chief Restructuring Officer Services

Delivering turnaround plans from the inside out. We come aboard to guide as co-pilot, transferring our knowledge, skills and experience to your team.

Chief Restructuring Officer Services

Companies experiencing decline, financial stress or distress often see complexity developing rapidly yet will recognise they also lack the specialised situational competences and managerial capabilities to navigate them effectively.

What we do

The Interpath team may be able to help you by taking on certain senior roles in your organisation in an interim capacity such as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Executive Officer. Alternatively, we may be able to augment your existing team with a Chief Restructuring Officer role, guiding your senior team through a turnaround.

Why Interpath?

We design and implement turnaround and restructuring plans from within your organisation, working alongside your company’s board of directors and helping you manage your key stakeholders.

In situations like this you gain longer term benefits as we transfer our knowledge, skills and experience to your management team, standing shoulder to shoulder with you. We also support the search for permanent candidates to smoothly manage the transition as we move back out of your business at the appropriate time.

Our situational expertise in these environments is important as the solution can often be in multiple areas not always apparent at the outset of the project.

Navigate your next challenge.

Our people are a cut above the rest. We are a large, experienced team with deep technical insight and a passion for doing what’s right. For a full list of our senior people who can support you with this service solution, use the button below.

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