Restructuring and liquidation services

When faced with a challenging situation, our expert team are here to help you navigate what's next. 

Interpath Advisory is a team of over 600 people offering a broad range of advisory and restructuring services to businesses across the globe. We are a new independent professional services practice borne from a 50 year Big 4 legacy.

Interpath has 11 UK offices across the UK with headquarters at 10 Fleet Place in London as well as offices in BVI, Cayman Islands and Ireland.

Our team works with business of all sizes from SMEs to large multinational organisations. Interpath has an extensive sector coverage model with experts in every major sector. We understand your market and have the scale and agility to respond to your needs quickly.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation

    Solvent Liquidations

    When winding up the affairs on a solvent basis, voluntary liquidation can be used to achieve dissolution. This process is often used when collapsing an offshore tax or investment structure or as part of a simplification process.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation

    Insolvent Liquidations

    When a fund or company is insolvent, key stakeholders seek our appointment as liquidators. Interpath create a respectful partnership with stakeholders, to maximise the realisation of assets, and ensure a legally fair distribution.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation

    Restructuring Officer

    New reforms to the Companies Act have introduced a formal restructuring regime to the Cayman Islands. Akin to the US Ch. 11 and UK Administration business rescue proceedings, it can be used in its own right or to support proceedings in other jurisdictions.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation


    Receivership appointments are made by way of an order from the Court or under the terms of a contractual security document can be an effective enforcement tool for a secured judgment creditor.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation

    Provisional Liquidation

    In the Cayman Islands, Provisional Liquidation appointments can be used to support a restructuring and, also more traditionally, to safeguard the company and its shareholders against the misconduct of a company's principals or to prevent the dissipation of company assets ahead of a hearing of a petition to wind up the company.

  • Restructuring & Liquidation

    Company Restoration

    Interpath regularly takes appointments to assist with the restoration of a company to the registers followed by a liquidation process.