The Car Dealer Top 100 List – compiled in association with Interpath

The Car Dealer Top 100 List – compiled in association with Interpath

Interpath, alongside independent advisor Mike Jones, is delighted to have compiled the 2021 Car Dealer Top 100 List on behalf of Car Dealer magazine.

Sponsored by Carwow, the list ranks the performance of franchised and independent car dealers, using financial data from dealers’ 2020 accounts covering the year end to March 2021. To aid comparability, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was used to create the ranking.

Topping the list for the second-year running is Arnold Clarke which delivered profits of £354.2m.

The highest-performing independent dealer is Car Giant which, with EBITDA of £29m, ranks 11th in our analysis.

Andrew Burn, managing director and head of automotive at Interpath, said: “Against a backdrop of the most challenging trading conditions in recent history, the performance of the UK’s top car dealers has been truly phenomenal. Collectively, they have endured periods of lockdown and remote selling, as well as more recently chip shortages and the resulting impact on the supply of new vehicles.

“The resilience and ability of dealers to remain nimble and fleet of foot to market conditions, for example, quickly pivoting to online sales during lockdown, is testament to their entrepreneurial spirit.”

Mike Jones added: “A couple of notable things really stand out in this year’s rankings.

“Despite the growth in homeworking over the past 18 months, car ownership remains a necessity for much of the UK population. The increase in the number of franchise dealers in the list reflects both this underlying demand and the resilience of their diversified business to weather the financial and operational challenges wrought by the pandemic.

“Even after a 41% increase in EBITDA compared to the prior year, I expect profits to grow still further over the next twelve months.  The number of independent retailers in the top 100 is also likely to increase, demonstrating the extraordinary strength in the used car market since lockdown was lifted.”

You can access The Car Dealer Top 100 List here.

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