Michael Leeds

Managing Director, London & International

Experience & background

Mike is a Managing Director within Interpath’s Contentious Insolvency team alongside Kris Kicks and David Standish. He has over 18 years’ experience of working on complex matters, specialising in cases which have international and offshore angles and he regularly instructs lawyers in jurisdictions around the world.

Mike works on a range of matters such as complex bankruptcies, liquidations, Court Appointed Receiverships and Deceased Estates.

He is currently acting as a Receiver in a case where an estimated $400million was dissipated from an Offshore Trust and is also involved in the administration of Toucan Energy Holdings. His recent experience includes proceedings in Panama, Cyprus, the BVI, Switzerland, Mongolia and even the UK.
He has acted as an Independent Administrator on contested and litigious Deceased Estates and has been involved in various Private Wealth Disputes which often involve trusts.

Many of Mike’s cases involve complex litigation and bringing claims against third parties. Mike believes building teams and working closely with brilliant lawyers, agents and other advisors is essential to the success of a case.

Mike takes appointments in a number of overseas jurisdictions and, together with Kris and David, has already taken appointments across the globe.

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