Private Equity

We work with our PE clients to create, preserve and sustain value across all aspects of the business cycle. Our approach is founded on getting things done – we stand shoulder-to- shoulder with our clients and deliver tangible results that benefit PE investors and management teams alike.

Private Equity

Our dedicated Private Equity team comprises a broad team of situational and sector specialists with vast experience of working with PE clients across all stages of the deal life cycle. We provide hands-on practical support and work directly with management teams to maximise value. We operate in a “sleeves rolled up” manner – standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients and geting things done.

Our approach falls into two categories; value creation and value preservation which tends to be driven based on the amount of stress within the business and broader environment. We bring together the best of Interpath and focus on services that we truly excel at, delivering tangible benefit for PE investors and portfolio company management teams alike.

Driving value has never been so important

Prices paid for PE assets have remained near record levels in Europe as a result of dry powder levels and the pressure to deploy capital. However quality assets still remain relatively scarce and/or often within their 2nd or 3rd PE ownership cycle. These high prices have increased the importance of having a robust and actionable value creation plan in place for all investments. The challenge however is, how much of the low hanging fruit has already been addressed and how much bandwidth and capability do management teams have to deliver?

Management teams are often fatigued as a result of fire fighting in order to create stability. In an improving market, there is now an opportunity to shift the focus back to driving sustainable value. Those that are able to address this challenge in a systematic and disciplined way will be well placed to see their assets thrive and benefit from the market opportunity presented by the pandemic as weaker competitors begin to fail.

Challenge presents opportunity

Our toolkit enables PE investors to reset and optimise their businesses post COVID-19 and embed a platform from which to thrive. Whatever condition your portfolio businesses are emerging from the pandemic in. Whether your equity value is under water. Whether their balance sheet is over leveraged. Whether they just need a performance tune-up to position for growth. We can help. A process supported by a robust, actionable turnaround plan can deliver real value to sponsors, management team and other stakeholders and our core value creation propositions covering cash, cost and margin underpin critical areas of value creation plans.