Contentious Insolvency & Asset Recovery

We are market-leading experts in contentious insolvencies, operating worldwide and with an enviable track record.

Contentious Insolvency

Interpath are market-leading specialists in asset tracing and investigations. Our Contentious Insolvency team work across a wide range of complex matters, including identifying and bringing claims and developing bespoke enforcement strategies to recover assets in the UK and overseas. 

We have a breadth of experience and expertise in contentious situations across both personal and corporate insolvency appointments. This, alongside our unstinting focus on victims and creditors, places us at the forefront of contentious insolvency and asset recovery activity. The situations we deal with include: 

  • Unpaid debts from corporates and individuals 
  • Unsatisfied judgement orders and arbitration awards 
  • Non-disclosure of assets in, before, or during legal proceedings  
  • Disputes over business or personal arrangements  

Our expertise is enhanced by our ability to deploy the skills of recognised experts in all sectors and specialisms worldwide. We do this seamlessly on our client’s behalf, ensuring value is maximised and asset realisation strategies are both appropriate and executed expeditiously. 

We have been involved in some of the largest and most complex contentious insolvency and asset recovery assignments in recent years. We’re proud to have led a number of innovative asset recovery strategies. 

Why Interpath?

Experience: we have invaluable experience and bring a tailored approach to each matter

Senior led: we understand the importance of each client and ensure there is dedicated senior input

Expertise: Our combined specialist approach ensures that the expertise required for each matter is readily available

Pragmatic and sensitive: we take into account all considerations in a situation with an appreciation of the nature of the matter and act accordingly

Worldwide coverage: Our team operates at a global level, and manages cases across multiple jurisdictions