Exit Planning & Implementation

Guiding you through an exit plan strategy to minimise costs, mitigate risks and manage the timely exit from a value eroding asset.

Exit planning and implementation

In today’s uncertain economic environment, it is imperative that companies take positive steps to protect shareholder value, especially in relation to under-performing or non-core businesses. 

When other options such as an operational turnaround or sale are not viable, the need to develop and implement a thorough exit plan is paramount to help to minimise costs, mitigate risks and manage the timely exit from a value destructive asset. 

What we do 

We assist our clients to devise a comprehensive blueprint for closure based upon a standard framework of considerations relating to the operation of the business.  

The commercial challenges and sensitivities in this type of situation call for effective communication with all key stakeholders and we establish a project management and governance structure at the outset to oversee delivery.

We navigate the difficult path between key stakeholder groups. We manage key operational considerations. We maximise the value extracted from property and other balance sheet assets, whilst minimising liabilities, including legal and tax obligations. 

We act as project manager bringing in subject matter experts from our team, or co-ordinating third parties, as required, to work with you to deliver the optimal exit outcome. 

Why Interpath?

Our experience in these scenarios is wide ranging and draws upon the deep subject matter expertise in our team with regards to Restructuring, HR, Tax and Pensions. For any matters that fall outside of our expertise we have a network of other specialists and agents that we can draw upon, such a property and equipment agents.

We have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors and always adopt a “hands on” approach, working closely alongside you to deliver the desired exit outcome. 

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