Independent Business Review

Providing a ‘single version of the truth’ on trading performance, liquidity, financial outlook, value and funding implications.

Independent Business Review

When a business experiences underperformance or financial stress, all stakeholders want a ‘single version of the truth’. To achieve this, an independent review of the business and its recent trading performance, liquidity, balance sheet position, forecasts, funding structure and value is required.

What we do

In undertaking our review, we focus on the key questions and seek to illuminate where the business is heading:

  • What are the reasons for underperformance?
  • How is cash and working capital managed and how severe is the liquidity situation?
  • What are the longer-term strategic prospects for the business?
  • Who are the key stakeholders and what are their options?


We are typically appointed by either financial stakeholders who have concerns about the business or by the business itself in order to analyse the drivers of underperformance.

Our approach is tailored to each specific engagement and the individual circumstances of the business and is supported by a range of Interpath specialists, including sector, operational, tax and pensions experts.

Why Interpath?

Our team are trusted advisors in the market having acted for a full range of financial stakeholders over many years. We provide objective and independent opinions and advice.

We help businesses and their stakeholders understand the situation and determine the right course of action.

Navigate your next challenge.

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