Insolvency Tax Services

Maximising stakeholder returns by managing post-appointment tax liabilities and monetising eligible tax attributes (e.g. tax losses).

Insolvency tax services

Our team can provide you with all necessary assistance to ensure tax compliance and optimise the tax position prior to and following appointment of an insolvency practitioner.

We can support you with:

  • Pre-appointment planning to minimise tax and VAT leakage, whilst maximising tax and VAT recoveries for the benefit of creditors
  • Post-appointment planning to minimise tax and VAT leakage on asset recoveries and sale of business
  • Monetising tax attributes, e.g. tax reclaims from tax losses
  • Transaction tax support on sales of businesses and assets during insolvency
  • General tax advisory support relating to insolvency processes (e.g. tax grouping impact, timing of cessation of trade etc)