Turnaround Plans

We can help businesses facing adversity find a path to recovery.

Turnaround Plans

Many organisations have grappled with the challenges brought about as a result of COVID-19. A significant number of companies have been adversely affected, with many finding that their pre-COVID business plan may no longer be viable in the post-COVID economy.

Our clients have found themselves in a situation where their balance sheets have been significantly weakened, both through depletion of reserves and taking on additional debt.

Yet through adversity can come opportunity. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now taking the chance to urgently challenge their ‘BAU’ strategies and making adjustments so they remain fit-for-purpose. Although much uncertainty about the economic recovery remains, by taking action now companies can reduce long-term financial pain and develop a path to sustainable growth and profitability.

We can help businesses manage this turnaround process in a sensitive, analytical and methodical way.

What we do

Our experience of working with management teams and stakeholders of underperforming, stressed and distressed businesses means that we are well placed to help our clients take a strategic view.

We have the expertise to assist clients manage their strategy. By looking at how their businesses can be reshaped, we can take what may initially appear an insurmountable task and convert it into clear, succinct plans that can be executed and delivered.

We can also advise on the most appropriate governance structures needed to make the plans come to life and augment client resource with additional skills and bandwidth as required.

Why Interpath?

At Interpath, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients from the very beginning. Whilst we’re not afraid of making difficult decisions or providing challenging advice, we are committed to supporting clients sensitively navigate what can be a challenging process. 

Our team collectively has decades of experience supporting companies successfully devise and implement turnaround plans - restoring value, retaining jobs and embedding sustainable growth.

Navigate your next challenge.

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