Sector Coverage Model

Interpath is proud is boast an extensive sector coverage model. We understand the complexities of market segments important to you.

Sector Coverage Model

Interpath is proud to boast an extensive sector coverage model which divides the UK economy into 11 core areas with 33 subsections. Each core area has oversight from a Managing Director supported by a senior team who evaluate each of the subsections on a regular basis.

Our sector specialists record the opportunities and challenges present in each sector in real time using the experiences of our clients and a number of specialist analytics tools.

Read on to discover our views on the amount of deals and restructuring activity present in each sector.

Sector activity overview

Sector Wheel

View our sector wheel below for a full snapshot of our restructuring capability's sector ratings.

Absolute Deal Activity

Relative Deal Activity

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Our sector coverage model is managed by Scott Farquhar, Head of Sales & Business Development at Interpath Advisory. For more information about this, please get in touch.