Sector Coverage

Whichever sector you serve, Interpath can serve you. We have deep specialist insights leveraging our unique sector coverage model and can add value to whatever scenario you are facing.

Our Approach to Sectors

At Interpath, we have a well-established sector coverage model that leverages our scale as the largest independent practice in our market. We track the economy across 10 core sector segments and assign dedicated director-level leaders to each of 33 sub-sectors therein.

Interpath's Sector Coverage Model

Our sector leaders and the specialist teams around them track the key issues and emerging hurdles being faced by our clients each day in real-time. They also assess and rate the level of challenge in their sector at a macro level at least quarterly and assign them with a rating of 1 (very low) to 5 (very high) based on the amount of restructuring activity present in that time. As you will see when exploring the pages below, we have recorded these ratings over many years. This discipline helps inform our evolving approach to services and solutions which are often tailored and adapted for specific sector needs. To learn more about our current sub-sector ratings, or how we segment the UK economy, use the filter below. Or, for a full snapshot view, click here. 

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Interpath Sector Wheel

For a full snapshot view of Interpath's sector ratings, view our sector wheel below.

Contact Us

Our sector coverage model is managed by Scott Farquhar, Head of Sales & Business Development at Interpath Advisory. For more information about this, please get in touch. 

Scott Farquhar
Scott Farquhar

Head of Sales & Business Development