Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Deals Activity: Low

Restructuring Activity: Very low

The pandemic has demonstrated the capabilities of this sector and its vital importance to the UK economy.

Deals activity in Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

1. Long-term deal averages have been remarkably stable but marked by significant quarter-on-quarter variability.

2. A persisting global focus on healthcare will see continued interest in the sector.

Restructuring activity in Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

The British pharmaceutical sector is at the centre of global efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, having developed the first approved vaccine in 2021. Increased investment from national governments and WHO for new vaccines and antibiotics to boost human resilience to future health emergencies is the likely longer-term legacy of the pandemic.

It has resulted in an unprecedented focus on innovation and partnerships to develop drugs and vaccines, including how to bring new products to market quickly and safely. In addition, there is growing use of technology to restructure pharmaceutical supply chains. Knowledge sharing and collaboration between pharma companies to develop vaccines has strengthened the position of the UK and Europe in the sector, with potential for a positive longer-term impact on the wider industry.

Building up research and manufacturing capacity has long lead times and there will remain a strong requirement to show value for money.

Concerns remain over potential regulatory challenges following Brexit and there is an increased focus on the use of data (predominantly patient data) across the sector. And, like many industries, the increasing pace of innovation is providing great opportunities for those willing to adapt.

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