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Restructuring Activity: High

The NHS continues to battle long waiting lists and acute staffing shortages.

Restructuring activity in NHS

Following a remarkably resilient performance during the pandemic, the NHS has struggled to keep pace with post-COVID demand as waiting lists for routine treatments extend.

Financial pressures across the sector remain acute. Many trusts are operating in deficit whilst performance indicators remain significantly below target.

Industrial action by NHS staff has placed further financial and operational challenges on the service.


The NHS rose to the challenge posed by the pandemic, mobilising resources to support the front line and bring the UK out of the crisis. This Herculean effort was not without costs or consequences – many of which are only now being seen.

NHS Trusts continue to grapple with financial challenges associated with managing waiting lists, which have grown dramatically following a pause in almost all elective medical procedures during the pandemic. Government support has been forthcoming but is unable to immediately address a fundamental lack of capacity in many areas of the NHS, from the availability of suitably qualified staff to the physical infrastructure needed to assess and diagnose patients.

Historic underinvestment is a common theme across the sector, with limited funds available at present for infrastructure. In addition, new technology and systems need to be integrated in hospitals. Patient data, for example, is often manual and systems are disconnected.

Whilst there may be increased levels of funding to support the NHS going forward, there will remain an expectation to achieve long-term financial sustainability. In a time of increased wage and input cost inflation, this will be harder than ever to achieve.

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