Professional Services

Deals Activity: Low

Restructuring Activity: Moderate

Professional Services

Q1 2023 saw 79 deals in the Professional Services sector. This was a small increase from the previous quarter, reflecting a pattern of increasing deal numbers from a low in Q1 2022.  Notable deals executed during Q1 2023 include:

  • The acquisition of Wood Mackenzie by Veritas Capital for £2.53bn
  • The acquisition of TigerRisk by Howden Group Holdings for £1.32bn

Professional Services ranks third for deal volume and activity across our coverage model and strong M&A activity in this sector has been influenced by:

  • Private equity – demonstrating increasing interest in the sector
  • Diversification of strategic capabilities, often aligned to new trends, e.g. ESG consulting and digital transformation
  • Challenges in organic growth models whereby acquisition strategies offer the opportunity to build talent and service new markets and clients

Restructuring activity in the professional services sector remains ‘moderate’ as it has continued to show resilience and agility. However, the ‘war for talent’ is ongoing, pushing wages and employee turnover rates higher, combined with client pressure to reduce fees. This may come to a head and firms with high-cost bases may struggle.

Deals activity in Professional Services

Restructuring activity in Professional Services

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