Executive Solutions

Independent executive support for businesses and stakeholders of businesses.

Introducing Executive Solutions

Executive Solutions

At Interpath, we know the value of working with independent professionals. That's why we've built a 300 strong network that we draw on to help support our clients when needed. 

When appropriate situations arise, we are able to match together our network of professionals with businesses in need to provide the best value to clients. 

Our network are able to take on a wide range of finance, executive management and board level appointments.  They bring value to companies operating anywhere across the business life cycle, from periods of growth to contraction. 

We have no contractual arrangements with our network members and receive no remuneration for referring them to you. This pro-bono programme was formed to ensure we offer a full spectrum of services to clients.

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Get in touch

Our Executive Solutions programme is sponsored by Will Wright, and overseen by Scott Farquhar and Tim Bateson. To get in touch with the team, simply email executivesolutions@interpathadvisory.com